Johnson Filtration Products, Inc.

Trusted Filtration Solutions Since 1984.

JFPI is excited to spend its 38th year in the filtration business, we are one of the largest manufacturers of depth wound filters in the world. JFPI is a worldwide manufacturer of these products with distributors in the U.S. and several overseas countries.
Our Filters are used in liquid filtration applications from drinking water, photographic, beverage processing, plating industry, to the production of cars, textile and more.

Founded By Charles W. Johnson

Since the companies opening in 1984, Charles Johnson had strived to provide the highest quality, most dependable, and trusted filter. After 38 years we still provide the same, excellent experience to our worldwide distribution network.

Quality will always come before quantity. We take time to make sure our filters are manufactured correctly and will perform to the highest standard possible.


One of our companies most important values, we aim to provide the most trustworthy ordering and filtering experience to all of our customers.

Distribution Network

Our worldwide distribution network has helped provide the best experience for all customers. With over 80+ authorized and trusted companies to choose from, we can find you a distributor that fits your needs.

38 years of excellence in the filter industry

Over 5,000,000 Filters Sold

Since opening in 1984, Johnson Filtration Products has sold over 5 million filters!

Over 2,000+ Total Customers

We have happily provided filters to over 2,000 different and unique buyers!

Globally Dependable

We provide filters to some of the largest companies in the world!

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Due to a high volume of e-mails and calls sent to our company daily. Johnson Filtration Products, Inc. will not be accepting soliciting e-mails or phone calls at this time. Please do not contact us with any product offers. If we are interested in a product, we will reach out ourselves. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.